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NOTE: For Underdog Graphics, "Graphic Design" refers to off-line design, such as printed materials, logos, etc., whereas "Web Design" refers to the look of a Web site.

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There are several steps involved in developing a Web site. In order to design a site for you, it is helpful to assess your needs and get an idea of the look and feel that represent your style. Please check all that apply; the more thorough you are, the better able we are to customize your site.

NOTE: Once we receive the planning guide, we will want to contact you personally to help finalize the specifications of your estimate/proposal. After we submit our estimate/proposal to you, we will follow up to see if we can answer any of your questions. If you choose to work with us, we will present you with a contract. Upon signing the contract, the site design will begin. Typical development takes 4-6 weeks, and, if we have received all necessary information, the site will then go live.

I would also like the following:
Anticipated pages
Disclaimer page

Animated Images
Graphic Elements
(e.g., logo design, textures, objects, etc.)
Scrolling Text
Shopping Cart
MP3 Set Up (your copyright)
Voting Poll
Frames (split screen)
First page onlyAll pages
Site Maintained by 9 To 9
Basic (15 secs.) Complex (30 secs. or more)
Search Engine to find things w/in your site (large sites)
Search Engine Submission
Banner designed/submitted
Message Board
Q & A Form
Chat Room
Mailing List (list of names/email)
Advanced mailing list limit-for sending your own html newsletters
File attachment upload support-- you can allow your site visitors to upload a file from your site and have them emailed to you.

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I have a logo
I need a new or updated logo
I have a slogan
I need a slogan
I need a new or updated brochure
I need a new or updated business card
I need new or updated stationery
I need a newsletter created
I have a newsletter and need it produced on a regular basis
I need another type of publication created
I need an existing publication produced on a regular basis
I need a new or updated direct mail piece
I need an ad designed or updated
I have samples of what I like for a "look"

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